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Jacob's Rite of Passage: The trilogy — Teen Jacob
Tuesday, 13 August 2013 20:07

The Trilogy...

The Great Depression. The South. Young Jacob's story unfolds during a difficult time, in the unforgiving south, a hard place for an African-American boy, Jacob Pete Manor, as he embarks upon his personal journey; his Rite of Passage.

Fourth and final child, born to a family of sharecroppers from the rural area of Fayetteville North Carolina, Jacob uncovers pertinent life truths that involve mother-son over-bonding, betrayal, abandonment, sexual explorations, misconceptions of “manhood,” and other crucial challenges and milestones which ultimately lead Jacob to becoming the man God destined him to be.

Jacob was a dreamer, with very high aspirations, whose ambitions exceeded the scope of what a climate of segregation, inadequate school systems, and a mind set of inferiority dictated for a young African-American male.

Published in The Trilogy...
Thursday, 31 January 2013 18:17

Teen Jacob


In the second volume of the trilogy, our main character becomes a teen, equipped with knowledge of worldly things.

Published in The Trilogy...
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