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New Jersey Author gives valuable lessons on family values & his personal journey from childhood to manhood in the trilogy entitled,  “Jacob’s Rite of Passage.”

Clarence Matthews, Author & Historian paints a vivid picture of African-American family life that dates from post slavery to the Great Depression.

Jersey City, New Jersey – the media gives a clear snap shot of the decline of functional families, hence communities – in the north & the south. Without the influence of a father in the home or a positive male figure – the question becomes ‘Who will train up the child?’ In  “Jacob’s Rite of Passage,” Clarence Matthews gives an account of a mama’s boy who journeys through life under the guidance of his older brother and discovers: betrayal, abandonment, sexual encounters, racism, and misconceptions of manhood.

A Rite of Passage is defined as a safe, guided transition ushering a child from early stages of adolescence to adulthood.

“Today’s parents are so focused on giving their children what they want, that they fail to give them what they need,” said Clarence Matthews. “What they need is love, direction and discipline.”

Young men need to know their history and be properly mentored in their roles as men and leaders, so they impact positively their immediate spheres of influence – home, church and community.

Clarence felt the urgency to pen the book due to the major disconnect that has taken place in families and communities. It is his hope to shed light on, raise awareness and bring accountability to the members of the village as a whole. His perception of the condition of the village (community) has fostered a campaign entitled, “GET RITE,” with three points of focus: (1) Do the RITE thing (2) Make the RITE move and (3) Convey the RITE message.

A book tour is scheduled for the summer and fall of 2011. “Jacob’s Rite of Passage” volume one is priced at $8.95; volume two is priced at $12.95 and both are available for purchase online at www.jacobsriteofpassage.com and www.amazon.com or via deeClare Publishing, LLC, Indianapolis, Indiana at 888-350-9721.

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