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About deeClare Publishing, LLC

deeClare Publishing, LLC is the combined vision of father and daughter, Deneen and Clarence Matthews; hence the name deeClare. deeClare Publishing, LLC is a NEW BRAND of publishing. We are publishing done with the SUCCESS OF THE WRITER in mind. We encourage authors to use their written work as their product line and initial investment in their own entrepreneurial vision, while we provide the services needed to birth their literary vision.

If entrepreneurship is not for you, we will gladly publish your work under our label, while you retain rights and full ownership. We are currently developing design and publishing packages to meet every budget.

Our Mission

To publish literary works that reinforce the foundation and priorities of God, family and community. Through all creative avenues of written expression, we aim to touch individual lives that shape families, reclaim our communities, and impact nations.

Our Theme

At deeClare Publishing, LLC, we publish works that support our theme of "the village." Our village — comprised of individuals who make up families and collectively populate our communities. We believe that, “It still takes a village to raise a child,” and the reinsertion of the priorities of God, family and community are crucial in reclaiming our villages.

Our Brand

Our tag line is "write out loud!"

Speaking and writing... two unique forms of communication...

Have a story worth telling? We'd love to hear from you.

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Author's Media Kit
Includes: the author's biography, book synopsis, press release, author inspiration and contact information.

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author's inspiration

Heartfelt concern for family and community coupled with his desire to be an effective and influencing male presence in the home, church and community, fueled Clarence Matthews’ adamant ambitions to educate himself and others as it relates to our African heritage. He believes wholeheartedly that if we obtain knowledge of who we are, where and what we come from, than we can leverage that knowledge and apply it across various genres of life; fostering growth and fulfillment personally, spiritually and economically.