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School Days


Can you imagine a time without TV, cell phones, heat, running water and electricity? Take a trip with Jacob to a real place in time and experience School Days. Great FAMILY reading. A MUST HAVE for every child's library.

School Days narrates the life of young Jacob, an enthusiastic four-year old, who couldn't wait to turn six and attend school with his older brother and sisters. The story illustrates Jacob's school days both in the country and in the city.

The country school house was a little three room building, modestly furnished with the bare essentials. There was no electricity, no running water, and children walked miles just to get to school. When Jacob's family moved to the city, Jacob was excited to discover that his new home and the big city school were loaded with much more than he could imagine!


School Days is an excellent learning tool that not only supports reading, but actively engages the vivid imagination of young readers, while they travel to a real time in the distant past.

School Days challenges children to identify with the characters in the story and envision themselves living in a time void of television, computers, ipods, ipads and iphones, and the other modern advances of our current day.

School Days will trigger questions in the creative minds of young readers and bring life to learning beyond traditional settings.


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