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Jacob's Rite of Passage, vol. 3 – The Man Jacob is the finale to the trilogy and concludes with our main character, Jacob Pete Manor, in his final stage of transition – manhood. Manhood no longer dictated or determined by the “misconceptions.” Manhood not defined by external influences, validations or sexual encounters, but manhood accompanied by an honest and mature assessment of the inward parts and a thorough review of the past and present, in search of purpose for the future.

Jacob’s personal transformation paired with the results of change, postures him to positively impact the lives of young men in his appropriated spheres of influence, and created expanded opportunities for discipling young men on a broader level.
Jacob’s trials, challenges, successes, failures and uniquely orchestrated stages of his life produced a far greater outcome...



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Clarence Matthews

Jacob’s Rite of Passage is the author’s way of sharing the unique and often unspoken journey of a male child from boyhood to manhood. Jacob’s curiosity about life – the successes and the failures, the ups and the downs, and life’s ultimate lessons – though some costly – helped a young man understand and discover the true meaning of “manhood.”


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