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Clarence Matthews, Author . Historian . Elder

dad homepageHeartfelt concern for family and community coupled with his desire to be an effective and influencing male presence in the home, church and community, fueled Clarence Matthews’ adamant ambitions to educate himself and others as it relates to our African heritage. He believes wholeheartedly that if we obtain knowledge of who we are, where and what we come from, than we can leverage that knowledge and apply it across various genres of life; fostering growth and fulfillment personally, spiritually and economically.

Jacob’s Rite of Passage, the trilogy, was this author's first published work — the author's way of sharing the unique; often unshared; and unspoken journey of a male child from boyhood to manhood. Jacob’s curiosity about life – the successes and the failures, the ups and the downs, the why and the why not, the good and the not-so-good, the seeking and the finding – and life’s ultimate lessons; though some costly, helped a young man discover the true meaning of “manhood."


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  • Learning IS the Institution

    Baldwin School hall

    A great deal of effort and expense is invested in education; in learning, which is indeed a necessary tool in order to contend and compete in the workforce or any specialized area of study or interest.

    I believe it is vital to bring LEARNING outside of the established norms. We must make learning the INSTITUTION as opposed to relying solely on learning institutions.